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by C.M. Halstead

Two years ago, if you paid me to write down where thought I was going to be and what I was going to be doing at this very moment, and we had taken that piece of paper, without either of us looking at it again and stashed it in a safety deposit box until this very moment. When we opened the box and read the piece of paper, there is no way in hell it would read anything like where I am and what I am doing.

I guarantee we would not be reading the words,”CM Halstead writes in his writers cave daily, is an entrepreneur, travels the national parks for exploration and stellar views, and is an Amazon & NY Times best selling author.”

Now, if you had paid me to write down on a piece of paper, where I dreamed I would be and what I would be doing. . .and we followed that same procedure with this piece of paper. When we removed it from the safely deposit box this time and read it, it would read something very similar to,”CM Halstead writes in his writers cave daily, is an entrepreneur, travels the national parks for exploration and stellar views, and is an Amazon & NY Times best selling author.”

Have you noticed there is only a one word difference between the two questions asked?

In the first question, I am asked where I think I will be. So my brain thinks about it, utilizing its current belief system, with its strengths and weaknesses built in, to come up with a good logical answer. The brain bases is answer on its world experiences and told belief systems. Who told it? Where do the belief systems come from.

The belief systems are seeds that grew over time. Planted there by people in the past: parents, spiritual leaders, drill instructors, friends & enemies, teachers of any kind (class room, martial arts instructors etc). Some are good, some are bad.

Where you told to think outside the box?

Where you told to shut up and be quiet?

Where you told that anything is possible?

Where you told you suck and won’t amount to anything?

When I am asked about the dream, all those told belief systems go away, if only for a split second. When asking someone this question, look into their eyes and see the glimmer. Better yet, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question:

Where do I dream I will be, and what do I dream I will be doing in two years?

It will be there in an instant, the answer that is. It will flash through and come to the surface, it will only last a moment for some, yet it will be seen!

Write it down. Tape it to that same mirror, or attach it to a wall. Read it every day, twice; morning and evening, until it happens.

Do it now.

For the only thing we have to lose is someone else’s belief systems….

I  write this, because it is what I am inspired to do today. This is today’s dream: to offer up a different perspective for someone who is open to it. To enable ourselves to pursue the dream and obtain the obtainable, for anything is obtainable with persistence.

If our brains tell us to quit, we will. If our brains tell us to keep going, we will. Keep going. Dream the dream!

Now for that best seller list; where’s that piece of paper!



C.M. Halstead
About C.M. Halstead
C.M. Halstead is product of 40 plus years of travel and exploration; a childhood as an Air Force brat and service in the Marine Corps changed him forever. He managed 84 people, negotiated multi-million dollar contracts, drove Jeeps professionally — usually at crazy angles and locals. An astute believer in adventure, he is now doing the craziest thing ever, pursuing his passion full out and becoming an accomplished author. Ready or not, here he comes! Are you ready to join in as he takes you on one wild ride after another? Free your mind to worlds that may or may not be reality and let your imagination be ignited by C.M. Halstead.

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