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His hands held high for hours now, he cautiously rests them crosswise on his head. Still miffed and mystified as to how this invisible man in the woods had gotten the best of him, he tries to think backwards in time to figure out what he had missed. His first inkling that something was amiss was returning to the creek area after his meal. The tech pants, Columbia shirt, and underwear he had left to dry after their daily morning washing were nowhere to be found. He keeps walking with his head down and eyes on the earth thinking about how little food he had had today, burping up the egg remnant of the two-person backpacker meal he was still picking from his teeth with his tongue, although he had eaten it hours ago. Fat and unhappy on day three of his new woods living adventure, he was already concerned about a week from now. Mostly he was wondering what went wrong.
Following his tracks in the opposite direction, he also wondered where the other set of tracks were ….




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