C.M. HalsteadC.M. Halstead

By C.M. Halstead

You are dying, dying to do something. Empower yourself.

I am disappointed in you, my fellow human beings. I mean really?

Are we such victims that we can’t even hold ourselves accountable to the simplest things?

You cross a solid yellow line while driving, get a ticket, beat it in court…. Somehow. Wait, you are telling me that the rules in place aren’t really in place? If I can convince through debate and argument that your rule isn’t really your rule, then it does not apply to me. Just everyone else.

Empower yourself: “Yes, your honor. I screwed up. I will improve.”


“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Are we really that weak? That we can’t even admit when we succumb to the most basic of our instincts and habits, that we actually did it. Lets try the power stance instead.

Empower yourself: “I had sexual relations with that woman. I broke the commitment to my wife. It has nothing to do with whether or not I can lead this country. Now, fuck off. Its between me and my wife. It is adultery after all, not treason.”


Yes. Yes we came to what is now known as the continental United States, and pushed out of our way the human beings already living here, moved in and made it ours. Then, told the new owners to fuck off (Jolly Ole England) and slowly took over the place. Every since then, immigrants keep arriving, it is what keeps this country fresh and thriving. Keeps YOU from having to dig ditches if you don’t want to. Unless you are into that kind of thing, then by all means, dig away. Don’t worry, some immigrant will gladly work in that cube farm for you.

Empower yourself: STOP living as a victim!

It is only your fault if you are living where you don’t want to, it is only your fault if you are in a relationship you don’t want to be in, it is only your fault if you are unhappy with my life. It is NOT the fault of the far left, or the far right, or anyone in between. It is not the cops, it is not the government, it is not the person who abused you as a child, it is nobody but you…and your beliefs that keep YOU from being whom YOU want to be. Be. Don’t wait. Be.

Empower yourself: “I will change my life. I am going to (Insert statement here). I am not a victim, even if I once was. I forgive myself for living as a victim, it is not my fault. I didn’t deserve that.”

“You don’t deserve that.”

Fuck people. Really? Do you really believe that the government, your boss, your accountant, your parent (I’m talking to the adults on this one) has your power? Here is the fucker: only if you give it to them.

Instead try this:
“I’m a badass motherfucker. I got this.”

Now look in the mirror and say it. That thing you’ve been to afraid to say to the most important person in your life that influences who you are & who you aren’t: You.

Empower yourself.
Possible videos:

Retrain your mind (taking ownership and working the five second window)

Welcome to the grind (its about the ethos. “How bad do you want it.”)

Rise up/Wake up (Allowing yourself to be great, the grind.)

Life like a King or Queen (facing our demons and taking away our crutches)

By C.M. Halstead

What I am supposed to do vs What I am made to do. Which will you follow?

Would you say you were created with a purpose or are you just a random creation?

Were you created to work in a box factory, negotiate bigger margins, fight wars…or were you made for something else? Do you do these things because it is all you know, or through conscious choice?

Lots of questions, I know.

How many people are created to just work…is it possible some are here to do other things, and how do we know? When did you know, know you were different, destined for more than you were being at the time, or ARE being now? For me, it came as a surprise, a final acceptance. An acceptance that I am supposed to write, to tell stories, to be a creative. It became impossible to hide from it. Heck, I even had an employee, with a degree in Psychology, who looked and pointed right at me one day when discussing creatives with a co-worker. She knew I am a creative, even though I was living the life of a “boss”, a “manager”.

I have lead people all my life, long before I was ready for it, and for as long as I remember. As a child, ideas of things to do would come up, and they would wait to see if I wanted to join before deciding. In the military, I was often put in charge of a task or team. In all five careers, I had before becoming an author and entrepreneur, I walked in the door as an entry level, and worked my way up to management. They all knew I am a leader, long before I accepted it.

As an adventurer and explorer, I was able to go on many types of adventures I had not attempted before. My backcountry partners knew I had the athletic ability to complete the route, canyon or backpack trip, whatever that particular type of fun! How is it they knew I could do it, even as I was myself, wondering if I would have the strength and endurance to do a rim to river to rim in nine hours, or canyoneering for ten hours in Behunin canyon while dealing with the flu?

How is it others see our strengths as easily as we can see our weaknesses?

Perhaps it’s because they didn’t see, that I knew deep down inside, I wasn’t living the life I was meant to live; I was living the life I was taught to live, I wasn’t congruent with my purpose. I had a deep passion I was hiding from, I’ve known this since high school, I had a deep want to be a writer, to write and tell stories. Yet, the story I had been told was, “You can’t make a living that way.”, “Artists don’t make any money.”, “You must provide ($$$).” the list goes on.


What is the list in your head that prevents you from pursuing what you KNOW you must pursue?

But, none of that worked for me! I was very successful in what I was taught (and what I taught myself) was the version of success, yet none of it worked for me. I remember being in JFK airport on my 13th birthday, we were headed to England for my step-dads next assignment, this time overseas. I remember seeing these businessmen in suits, carrying their briefcases and talking while walking through the terminal. I planted the seed in my brain, “That is success!”. About 15 years later, I was that businessman, I had succeeded by that new teenager’s perspective. I had set a goal in my mind and had attained it.

In hindsight, that’s how easy it is. Vision a goal and work towards it!

A few years later, I got “redrock fever”. It is a fever, albeit a good one; anybody who has seen the red rocks of Sedona has an inkling of what I am talking about. I finished the semester (I was taking courses, working towards a degree in Environmental Conservation), packed up anything that would fit in a Geo Tracker and headed west, never looking back. On a visit a few months prior, I had taken a jeep tour. It was a fun romp over and around Sedona’s red rocks, the guide was entertaining and knowledgeable. I said to myself, I want to do that! I was with one of the local jeep companies for eight years. I succeeded in the direction I chose, once again. I made a decision to be a guide and made it happen. I had succeeded by that 30 somethings perspective.

Who empowers you to live the life you want, the one you are made for?

Now, I sit and write this as a 40 something. I am using The Tripper Series to establish my brand and am creating a following of readers to devour my works. I am told they are good and well written; it is a craft to be developed over time in my mind.  Regardless, I am going to keep moving forward. Write and write for as long as it takes to succeed by my definition. The only difference between my current path and the previous ones: I am congruent with my passions, natural personality type and perhaps to be grandiose, am doing what I am made for. I had the answers and am listening to them. Today I lead in a different way, walking my talk, taking the leap, answering the call, I leave all I knew and move forward to what I know!


Do you have all the answers to your questions?

I bet you do, and there is only one way to find out! Take action on them, at least then you will know one way or the other. Regret is no way to live.

You are dying, dying to do something. Empower yourself.
What I am supposed to do vs What I am made to do. Which will you follow?